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Photographs from PSCC Field Trip, June 2011

Terry at Work
  (Joanne McCulloch)

Field Worker  (Terry Finlay)


Two Joannes  (Peter Newman)

Jack in the Pulpit  (Sandy Richardson)


Ram's Head Orchids  (Joanne McCulloch)

Ram's Head Orchids  (Terry Finlay)


Pitcher Plants  (Peter Newman)

Pitcher Plants  (Joanne McCulloch)


Yellow Lady's Slipper  (Terry Finlay)

Yellow Lady's Slipper  (Joanne McCulloch)


Nodding Trillium  (Sandy Richardson)

Nodding Trillium  (Joanne McCulloch)


Sundew  (Sandy Richardson)

Bunchberry  (Sandy Richardson)


Alvar  (Terry Finlay)

Lakeside Daisy  (Terry Finlay)


Future Pine Cones  (Peter Newman)

Pine Cone  (Peter Newman)


Inquisitive Young Squirrel  (Sandy Richardson)

Fern Wall  (Peter Newman)

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